19 July 2010

Brain controlled gaming headset

We announced that the world’s first brain controlled gaming headset is available in February, when we read about it on the official website and learned about its cool features. These cool features convinced us to include the EPOC gaming headset in this article covering the latest gadgets in technology, for the fact that it allows you to control games based on thoughts and emotions.
The company that created it is Emotiv, focused on bringing solutions built with brain computer interface technologies.

Their EPOC uses your electrical signals from around the brain, processes them, and translates these into “magical powers” and object manipulation. The headset understands immersion, meditation, excitement, frustration, tension, laugh, smile, crossed eye, wink, anger, shock, horizontal eye movement, grimace, pull, push, drop, lift, rotate, and the even the power of making things disappear in video games.

While wearing it, you can control your web camera and mouse cursor movement on the desktop. Imagine how exciting would be to use it while driving those evil GTA 4 Cars!

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