19 July 2010

XO laptop computer

Latest gadgets in technology from the education sector include 3 impressive devices, one of which is already famous - the XO laptop computer brought by the OLPC non-profit organization. The innovation here involves several elements working together to enable mobile learning for children anytime, in any place. It is characterized by flexibility, ultra-low-cost, power-efficiency, responsiveness and durability, while functioning as a wireless router that connects children, teachers and families remotely, to each other or to the World Wide Web.

XO laptops have 7.5-inch self-refreshing displays of 200DPI, with a resolution of 1200 x 900 pixels and 2 available modes: transmissive full-color and reflective high-resolution black/white for increased sunlight readability. It is an ultra-low-power consumer reaching 0.2W, and can be powered manually even by small hands.

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